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The Book of Romans has changed world history. it covers all major themes of life and hits the difficult questions in a systematic way. Paul compares himself to a bond-servant that voluntarily chooses to stay with his master after his debt has been paid. That servant wore a special earring for his entire life to mark his devotion and servant hood. Paul may have felt like a bond-servant, but he was the “champion of freedom” we have through His grace. He answers the question of free will and the sovereignty of God, and also tackles the security of the believer. We learn that we are saved by the grace of God…not works. Paul passionately concludes, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Paul also teaches us about the motivational gifts of the Spirit. We are called and all uniquely gifted to accomplish His purposes in our life. This teaching helps you identify and fulfill your God-given mandate.


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